Welcome to the

Data Communications Security Laboratory

at the University of Limerick

The research undertaken by the Data Communications Security Laboratory (DCSL) at UL includes fundamental and applied research in information security for data communication networks. The research work includes: cryptographic algorithms and protocols for open hostile environments, global-wide identification, authentication and access control schemes, non-repudiation protocols, formal verification of security protocols using logical techniques and the newly developing area of steganography & information hiding. The work results in the creation of verifiably secure communication protocols as well as the verification of existing cryptographic-based secure protocols for use in the Internet, electronic commerce and mobile communication systems.

Since 1987 a range of collaborative research projects have been undertaken, which have been funded by Irish and EU development agencies and industrial partners such as: Ashling Microsystems, Busicom Corporation, Digital Equipment, L.M. Ericsson, Westinghouse, IBM, Intel, Tellabs, Telecom Eireann and others.

For further details, please contact Dr. Reiner Dojen at reiner.dojen@ul.ie.